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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Public Aid Organization

Registered at the Iraqi directorate of non-governmental 
Organizations as Nr. 1Z16836

Registered at the Kurdistan directorate of non-governmental    Organizations as Nr. 83 

Registered at the European Union as Nr: IQ-2009-BLP-1211356507

Currently being registered in the United Nations Economic and Social Council


Who we are: an independent non-governmental and non-beneficial organization for
the public interest, an Organization that works according to its humanitarian values, for improving life and implement human rights and build a civilized society through development programs and projects according to the United Nations principles especially in the 3rd Millennium.


Work locations: the Organization's HQ  is in Erbil and the Organization is active directly though three executive offices in (Erbil, Baghdad and Basra) And PAO also works in 18 other provinces through Coordinators

 :What the Organization stands for

A vision: a world where everyone have their own complete rights

Values: commitment to international agreements  about human rights, commitment to democracy, voluntarily work for the greater good of the society, Transparency, Independence, Honesty, Forgiveness, Standing against discrimination, Teamwork, sharing, balancing opportunities, gender equality, improving self confidence, responsibility and keeping personal secrets safe. 

Goal:  applying human rights through constant development for building a better future

Motto: Humans – Development – the future.    

Partners: (local authorities, news agencies, non-governmental and local and international organizations, benefiters and participants, foreign partners, funding parties)

Services: all people are the general benefiters from the organization’s programs, but especially youth and kids and women  

Strategy: 2015-2019

  • Protecting human choices: expanding and enhancing human right to choose. Giving them their full rights so that they develop and become better people. 
  • Building human abilities: Obtain the needed tools and plans to boost humans' abilities and motives to achieve their goals.
  • Danger Protection: Protection from danger, and guaranteeing development results flow without any obstacles

For more info please visit our website: WWW.PAO-IRAQ.ORG