Training course of (BPD) in Duhok
Monday, April 22, 2019
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Training course of (BPD) in Duhok


Continuing with the activities related to the IDPs & refugees in Iraq within the joint project between Business Innovation Programs (BIP), Public Aid Organization (PAO), and،with cooperatiob of (Youth Capacities development Cente) , a training course of (Business Plan Development) was organized in Duhok. The course was organized in the period from 26/8/2018 to 30/8/2018 for 18 participants ( 8 women & 10 men).

The  course whose participators had different business ideas was instructed by trainer (Newar Obed Ali ) for a five day period in which the participators were trained to manage small businesses and to consider their economic benefits depending on  their previous experiences.

The participators had different business ideas in which they tried to consider their financial benefits posibilities. The participators were impressed by the training materials ,because it gave them necessary information to start their own projects.