letter of appreciation to alwand talaat
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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National child protection sub-cluster coordination dedicated a letter of appreciation to public aid organization as partner and Alwand Talaat Jawhar coordinator in Erbil (CPWG) child protection, to acknowledge the significant contribution in HNO and HRP planning process.

And below is a purview of the appreciation letter:

Dear Alwand,

As we begin the new year 2019, the National Child Protection Sub-Cluster Coordination team would like to share the note of appreciation to acknowledge the significant contribution you made as the Erbil CPWG Co-coordinator.

  • Though in most cases the UNICEF counterpart has taken the lead, you have demonstrated that you are a reliable co-lead and can ably backstop the CPWG Coordinator.
  • You have actively participated in the Erbil CPWG meetings and surely your contribution to the  HNO/HRP 2019 planning process is invaluable.
  • There is no doubt that your commitment to putting forward the agenda for Child Protection is high.

We fully understand the challenges of double hatting CPWG coordinators, with time and competing priorities of the regular tasks- sincere and big thank you to all the contributions you made in 2018 as a CPWG coordinator.

We look forward to working with you in 2019, and wish all the best in the new year!


with best wishes, 

Geoffrey and Makiba