General Assembly Conference of Public Aid Organization
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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General Assembly Conference of Public Aid Organization

Public Aid Organization held its General Assembly Conference from January 21st to April 20th, 2019 including a diverse of activities throughout the Governorates of Iraq. the conference finalized the activities with holding the General Assembly meeting on April 20, 2019 in Chwar Chra Hotel in Erbil Governorate in which (58) out of (63) members of the General Assembly attended.

The introductory meeting was commenced with a speech of the Head of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference and the Presidential Committee as well as other committees were elected, sessions’ administration system, Accreditation Report, general and financial reports for the last five years were endorsed. Lately, amendments to the first chapter of the basic bylaw of the organization was approved. Nomination for the Board of Trustees started and later, the members of the Board of Trustees elected.

In the second day of the conference, data and information on five profiles presented including humanitarian situation, partnership charter between the private sector and civil society organizations, sustainable fundraising dimensions, voluntary activism and the networking and coalitions. Lastly, the Final communiqué of the Conference was declared through warm clapping of the attendances.