Annual meeting of the Public Aid Organization
Sunday, March 24, 2019
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Annual meeting of the Public Aid Organization


The Public Aid Organization held its annual meeting on 26-27 January 2018 in the presence of members of the Board of Trustees, members of the governing body, departmental staff, workers in the executive offices, directors of provincial offices in the governorates.

During the meeting, the following topics were discussed:

-Presentation of the humanitarian situation: (National, regional, international)

-Explaining and revising the strategic plan

-New policies in support and fundraising: (Types of sources of financing-foreign funding-the organization's response to new policies in attracting funding)

-Submission of reports to the directorates and executive offices

-Budget analysis: (General budget-Executive Office budget Erbil-Executive office budget Baghdad-Executive Office budget Basra)

Plan of Action: (Development Plan-current projects-future projects)

-Networks and alliances: (Iraq Children's Rights network-Prisoner Justice Network-Shams network for election observation-Human Development Foundation--Human network for promotion Health and humanitarian Action- Alliance of Iraqi minorities Network -Generations of peace network-Iraqi woman network--resolution 1325 Network